Write a memo to your boss to change the work time schedule

There are some who are hired for the day shift while others for the night or evening shift. Due to some problems, employees may find it difficult to continue with the shift that they are working on. A request for the change in the shift can be made. By this, a worker can continue working at the same place without having bothered himself much.

Write a memo to your boss to change the work time schedule

As an entrepreneur, you may recognize and embrace the need for change, but your employees may not. In fact, employees often resist change. You have to learn to communicate the need for change to your employees in such a way that you reduce uncertainty and promote positive expectations for the success of your business and the prosperity of your employees.

Explain the Reasons Change can undermine morale if employees do not understand the reasons for it. Emphasize these reasons so employees see the logic for your actions. Times of upheaval can produce fear in employees, and one of those fears may be that you are not interested in their welfare.

When you make your announcement, carefully explain the goals. Although your decision may not benefit all employees, they will respect your need to keep the company growing and profitable.

Communicate Frequently Don't make one announcement and then remain silent. Delivering a message does not guarantee that it was received. Repetition ensures that all employees hear the message and remember it. If your change has a deadline, increase the frequency of announcements as the deadline approaches, so employees are not surprised when the change is implemented.

Combine Written and Verbal Communication Deliver your message regarding change in different ways. Some people respond better to the written word, while others need to hear a message verbally.

Use a variety of letters, emails, verbal announcements, meetings and bulletin-board notices to deliver your message so all employees have a chance to understand it in the way that suits their learning styles. Answer Questions Make sure your communication is not one-way. No matter how clearly you describe the change and the reasons for it, employees will have questions.

Patiently answer those questions and follow up by asking if you have been clear. Answer the hard questions without hesitation so your employees recognize that you are firm and fair.

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Stop the Rumor Mill Rumors come from suspicion. If your employees become suspicious that you have not told the whole story or your motives are hidden, rumors will spread.

Openly acknowledge that you have heard the rumors and explain your position. Your awareness of rumors and willingness to address them signals to employees that you do not encourage an atmosphere of suspicion and doubt.

The rumors won't go away completely, but your openness should diminish them greatly.

write a memo to your boss to change the work time schedule

Address the Fear of the Unknown Employees value security.If you are going to write a letter of this sort, you will need to be very polite and you will need to emphasize why this change will be good for the business (rather than just why it is good for you).

Apr 17,  · I need some advice on how to write a letter concering changing my hours at work. So far i work evenings (I didn't request this in the first place) and now it's starting to affect my health and relationship with my partner.

i need to work between Status: Resolved. In a request for a change in work schedule, the worker must concisely note the change they desire in their schedule, when it must be done as well as any additional information to explain why the change in schedule is needed. Asking without a plan—a plan in writing—will sink your flexible work wishes.

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Though you crave more free time and a better work-life fit now because you’re When faced with a flexible work schedule request, some managers fear losing control. So they react with a knee-jerk refusal. Sample letters to write a complaint letter to a superior. Letter Templates; I know my staff would sincerely appreciate being able to use their time more efficiently.

I look forward to your response so I can tell them what to expect. We appreciate your efforts to help us do our work better. Thanks. Send it to all your members when you are done writing the memo.

The subject of the memo should be precise and should give the brief about the information in the memo. Finally, you can add other necessary information in the initial paragraph.

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