Why should i be accepted

We share a common root, and the root is Mother Earth. The garden is beautiful because it has different colors in it, and those colors represent different traditions and cultural backgrounds. Their folklore and traditional customs inspires one to see the holiness in the spirit of everything around us.

Why should i be accepted

My musical haven has shaped my character and without it, my life would not be half as wonderful as it is today. This is a real problem acknowledged by many in the college industry.

Why should i be accepted

The danger of the brand-name, "bumper-sticker" mentality is that an Ivy League education is being sold as a product rather than a valuable experience. And students, in a desperate attempt to obtain that product at any cost, sometimes turn the application process into a marketing campaign, or worse, a business.

Take Sam Werner of Norwalk, Conn.

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Denise Pope, who founded the Challenge Success group admittedly, at Stanford in Sociologist Lauren Rivera says that "elite professional service employers" think Wall Street, law firms, and consultancies rely more on academic pedigree than pretty much anything else when hiring, including how Ivy students spent their time at those institutions.

A notable exception is extracurriculars that "resonate with white, upper-middle-class culture," like lacrosse and crew, because these send signals to elite employers that the prospective employee will fit right in.

The result in the hiring process for elite jobs — which, again, parents and students self-report as extremely important when selecting colleges — is this, Rivera writes: And an awful lot of students are stressing themselves out for an unlikely entry to this world, when they might be better served looking for colleges that are a good fit for them and what they actually want in a career and life after college.Essays Related to Why I should be accepted into the National Honor Society/5(22).

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Getting into the college of my dreams would be the icing on a cake for me. Doing what I love and learning about it is what makes me work hard to get what I want in . Why Should I Be Accepted? If you would have known me before high school, most people would have described me as timid or shy and that always bugged me. Now I see why. When I entered high school I never considered it until senior year came creeping along under the covers, ready to eat me alive/5(1). ‘8 reasons I accepted your article' The methods used are applied rigorously and explain why and how the data support the conclusions. 7. Connections to prior work in the field or from other fields are made and serve to make the article's arguments clear. 8.

Let's say you were asked in an interview why the interviewer should tell the rest of the committee to accept you/aka a 'why are you special.

Getting into the college of my dreams would be the icing on a cake for me. Doing what I love and learning about it is what makes me work hard to get what I want in .

That's why a college will accept me. Other variable factors may include your academic and extra curricular background, your work experience or your NGO work experience.

Or just your experience of meeting a million different people throughout your own life. After a successful career in business publishing, Cindy has worked 15+ years with Accepted, every year helping clients get accepted to top MBA, law, and med programs.

She is a pioneer in the niche of EMBA application consulting. Why Should I be accepted to _____ College? At this point I don't know what college I really want to go to.

When I do find one I have an excellent reasons on why they should accept me into the school.

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