To catch a terrorist essay

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To catch a terrorist essay

Travel and Tourism Trends and Factors Trends and Factors Trends A trend is something that is reoccurring more and more often until it becomes a popular thing to do. The first trend I am going to explore is the greater flexibility of booking products. This has To catch a terrorist essay possible due to alterations in the traditional chain of distribution.

The reason for this that the services such as the principals have their own websites, this makes it simpler and easier for the customers to reach them directly and book their holidays this way. In NovemberThomas Cook, which has 1, travel agent shops, was forced to turn to its banks for increased loans as it looked like it might not struggle to survive.

However in doing this it has caused a reduction in cost for the travel agencies as they too have moved online. So the tourist travel information centres would have to supply more leaflets and guides for the tourists so they can know about the local attractions and where to visit as a tourist.

Another thing it has an impact on is the need for accommodation, as it is possible to contact the hotels directly they may need to advance and expand their hotels to meet the demand for more customers instead of just the customers who book through travel agencies and tour operators as part of packages.

Principals do sell their products directly to their customers however the traditional chain of distribution is still existent but it is not at the forefront of the travel and tourism industry as it has been in the past.

Web distribution is a key area of focus for the Group going forward and will be developed as part of an Omni-channel distribution strategy. The next trend I am going to explore is Adventure Holidays. This is an area of the Travel and Tourism industry that is rapidly growing due to the increase of people who want to experience thrill and adventurous and stimulating experiences in their spare time.

The term Adventure can be used to talk about a wide range of holidays; it can vary from something as simple as a cruise along the river Nile to trekking in the Himalayas, visiting the plains of Africa or Scuba diving in foreign waters. There are certain countries that market their selves as adventure holiday destinations; an example of one of these countries is New Zealand.

The graph here shows the different locations and types of activities of adventure holidays. Some of these destinations are very remote and therefore the impact these adventure holidays would have is an increase in accommodation needed to cater for the increasing number of people.

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In the increase it would also invite new businesses to move into the area as there is a good opportunity to expand their businesses to there. However as the businesses do expand to these locations there is the risk of Americanisation and the natural and remote locations could lose the natural beauty that many people come specifically to see.

The reason that these holidays and this destination are becoming more popular is because people now have the opportunity and the communication available to them to book these things and try new experiences, also it widens the genre of holiday to a further audience and can cater for these people who would prefer an adventure holiday in comparison to a family or relaxing holiday.

Based on our survey responses, compared to the previous three years.

The third and final trend I am going to explore is new destinations. What I mean by this is the new and exciting far away destinations that are now offered to customers due to the advance in aerospace technology. From the UK there are hundreds of destinations you can fly to.

When commercial flights first began nobody would have been able to fly to the Caribbean or to South America. However now thousands of people visit every year.

As the appetite for the long haul destinations has increased, in general the ticket prices have fallen which makes them available for many more customers who may have been out of the price range when they first became available. Demands for destinations fluctuate all the times in response to a variety of factors.

Erik Wolf, president of the International Culinary Tourism Association, said awareness of the importance of this sector has been increasing across the world for several years.Domestic Terrorism Essay Topics There are many different definitions of domestic terrorism.

However, I define domestic terrorism as physical violence, actual or threatened, against an organization to create fear in order to effect some kind of political and or social change within the United States/5(2).

To Catch A Terrorist A top ULFA leader is nabbed in Dhaka but political compulsions may delay his return. Mar 04,  · First of all your topic of the essay is so vague, it can be the topic at bachelors level asking for you general idea about terrorism.

I am sure, you are preparing for CSS and if such is the case you have to be specific for the topic.

To catch a terrorist essay

Nov 09,  · Here's the catch: Media outlets seize on "the confusion and consternation caused by terrorist attacks to produce the kind of dramatic news that draws the attention" of their audiences.

Essay about Terrorism and the Anti-Terrorism Measures. focus is to discuss about terrorism and the related anti-terrorism measures, such as racial profiling; and how do these policy affect the targeted group.

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After the terrific 9/11 attacks, every country has strengthened their own airport security and many other aspects to prevent terrorism. Victims of the Terrorism Attack Essay Sample Although terrorism has been around for a long time, its dramatic rise in the recent years has made many nations live in panic.

According to studies, the main reason why terrorists attack nations is usually in a move to achieve a certain agenda (Hoffman, ).

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