Technology has both good and bad sides

Is Modern Technology Good or Bad?

Technology has both good and bad sides

WhatsApp Our personal life is highly dependent on the technology that people have developed. Technology has advanced with years and it has changed the way we purchase productsthe way we livethe way we communicatethe way we travelthe way we learn and so many changes have been brought about by these continuous technological advancements.

Users of mobile phones demand simplicity and more functionality, which has forced mobile phone manufactures to develop computer minded smart phones, which are so easy to use, but also they come with more functionality compared to the type of mobile phones we used to have in the past.

In the past, only big successful companies would dominate the market because they could afford the expensive adverting Medias, like Television, to reach any target market.

The effects of technological advancement are both positive and negative. Positively, technology advancement has simplified the way we do things, it saves time, it increases on production, it simplifies communication, it has improved health care and it has also improved our educational environment.

Negativelytechnology advancement has made humans so lazytechnology users are so dependent on new advance tech toolsthis laziness has resulted into less innovationit has increased on health risks because technology users exercise lessit has affected the environment because of the increase pollution which has affected the Ozone layers which has resulted into global warming.

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When it comes to educationstudents are more dependent on Calculators and computers to solve simple equations; in this case they can not train their brains to solve a simple task which makes them lame in class. Below I have listed a few technological advancements which have changed our lives: Technology Advancement in Medicine and Health care: Technology has helped in saving many innocent lives.

Human medicine and health sciences have improved. Doctors and medical students have embarked on medical technological tools to carry out extensive research on human health problems and challenges. This extensive research has resulted into the development of new drugs, and treatments which have helped in curing most challenging human diseases and this has helped in saving so many lives and it has also prolonged the human lifespan.

Losuis managed to integrate a USB-based ultrasound probe with a Smart phone. This type of device can be of a good use in many developing countries and it can help in saving lives.

Doctors without boundaries can use this mobile ultra sound to help out many patients in remote areas. Learn more about these medical technologies here Technological advancements in communication: Communication is a major factor in both human lives and business.

Communication technology has changed with years and it has even become better, I can tell what the future holds in this field of communication. In fig 1 you can see a lady using a fixed land line to communicate, by then, this was the best way to communicate with your family, friends or business partners and suppliers.

The only challenge it had was that it was fixed, so if you where not in the office or at home, people could not communicate with you. With years this technology has evolved and we have witnessed new mobile phones which made communication easier. In fig 2 you can see two adults enjoy advanced communication technology ipadthis is a new technologywhich can do more than just making calls.

Technological Advancements in Agriculture: Agricultural technological advancement has played a big role in changing the face of agriculture. This has resulted into increased production and abundant food supply.

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In fig 2 you can see farmers in a developing world using poor methods or irrigating their plants. During droughts, crops will run out of water, so farmers have to irrigate their crops for a better yield, but with the type of irrigation method in fig 1, the crops will not yield well so the farmer will make a big loss.

In fig 2, advanced sprinklers are used to irrigate a big farm and this saves the farmer time.Although there are many arguments regarding its good and bad sides, I think it has more of the good sides than the bad ones.

Internet has changed the way businesses and communication are done. juju7 says T Transcript of Good and Bad Sides of Technology There's a good, a bad and an ugly side to technology.

I believe its done good to our society but people have taken advantage of it in some ways. We present the top arguments from both sides. Browse Our Categories.

Is Modern Technology Good or Bad? Just as someone said "The life was more simple when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits". Is it true that the modern technology has a lot of good with just a shadow of bad or other way around. Is Modern Technology Good or Bad? Internet. Technology also has harmed the environment in many ways.

Oils and fumes from vehicles and factories has caused air and water pollution causing the destruction of plants and animal life. Technological Advancements and Their Effects on Humanity. By. Karehka Ramey-November 12, Facebook. Twitter. Google+. are you saying technology is a good or bad thing.

Reply. Person December 6, One can argue both sides of that coin. Do the necessary thorough research and come to your own conclusion. Transcript of Good and Bad Sides of Technology There's a good, a bad and an ugly side to technology.

Technology has both good and bad sides

I believe its done good to our society but people have taken advantage of it in some ways.

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