Pitfalls to a powerpoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since and is by far the most popular presentation tool on the market but many people still struggle to give effective presentations. Here is our list of tips and techniques to help you deliver a fantastic presentation.

Pitfalls to a powerpoint presentation

There are good arguments for this But those opposing have characterized the Via Verde as a fraud and a deception. This is an example of polarization. We need to decide how to go on when we ourselves feel divided, and we need to be able to go on together when our values diverge.

One problem is that we often exaggerate our divergences, making them much worse than they might be. We polarize Group polarization occurs when members exaggerate non-agreement brought about by different values or different views of given values and convert it into disagreement and opposition.

Slide8 One side is right, the other wrong One side is good, the other evil. One side propounds the truth, the other is mired in falsity One side proceeds morally, the other by means of force, fraud, deception, or manipulation Slide9 Why is group polarization an unsuccessful strategy By presenting non-agreement as opposition, group polarization converts it into a zero sum game: This rules out full integration solution where everybody wins and partial integration compromises where each party gives a bit as solution routes.

The victory of one side is the defeat of the other Slide10 Negotiate Interests, not Positions.

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It is usually easier to integrate basic interests than specific positions. Reframing non-agreements this way unlocks integrations and compromises. Expanding the Pie Many times constraints bounding a situation can be pushed back through negotiation or innovation. One side makes a concession to the other but is compensated in another round by a corresponding concession from the other players.

I lose this time, but I can call the shots in the next round. Each party lowers their aspirations on items that are of less interest to them and trade off a concession on a less important item for a concession on a more important item.

Pitfalls to a powerpoint presentation

One party agrees to reduce its aspirations on a particular thing. The other party agrees to compensate the first for the costs created by the reduction.

Powerpoint: Pearls and Pitfalls

Finding a higher order interest on which both parties agree, and then constructing a solution that serves that agreed-upon interest.

Taken from Good Computing. Use the ideas suggested on the previous slide. Only as a last resort should you trade off interests or proposals. And this should be done with the commitment that the loser stays in the game and will prevail in the next no-win situation. Slide12 Going to Abilene The story of a family who would all rather have stayed at home on a hot, summer Texas day.

Instead, they wound up traveling miles to and from Abilene to have lunch at a cafeteria none of them liked. When they returned, they realized that none of them wanted to go to Abilene.

Pitfalls to a powerpoint presentation

Because of faulty communication, the group wound up doing what nobody wanted to do. Each conceded because he or she mistakenly thought everybody else wanted to do this.

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Going to Abilene consists of making unnecessary compromises or concessions because of a breakdown in group communication. Slide13 Strategies for Avoiding Abilene At the end of the group decision-making process, carry out an anonymous survey asking participants if anything was left out that they were reluctant to put before the group.

Or conduct this anonymous survey individually before discussion begins. Choose someone creative who can view a situation from different frames. Slide14 What groups can do well They introduce creativity Different members frame a given situation differently They assemble dispersed knowledge and expertise They can generate mutual support and solidarity But this assumes a basis of trust and reasonableness as well as carefully developed procedures of open communication Good communication is the best remedy to the three pitfalls of group work:Jun 27,  · Three Disadvantages of PowerPoint Presentations When was the last time you created a PowerPoint presentation?

That last time probably was before presenting a report in front of a waiting audience.

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Jan 15,  · PowerPoint Presentations gained their share of recognition and fame, as soon as they were introduced to the technical and not so technically strong world Free Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerPoint is categorized under Categories: PowerPoint Presentations and use the following tags: Advantages Comparison Disadvantage PowerPoint 5/5(1).

Companies often like you to give PowerPoint presentations as part of an interview as it assesses your communication skills, knowledge of a topic and the ability to stay calm under pressure. But we know you probably hate giving PowerPoint presentations because they can result in bad design, embarrassing mumblings and a severe case of nerves.

Standing in front of a massive screen, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday gave a PowerPoint presentation on Iran's nuclear program. Now, finding the right content to enhance your presentations has never been easier.

Each presentation offers the highest quality selection of tips, techniques, and best practices. Packed with practical information, each presentation contains diagrams, charts, and high resolution photographs.

They are available through limited distribution, ensuring that your presentation will stand out. Key Points. It takes practice and effort to deliver a good presentation. But, if you know how to avoid the pitfalls, your presentations will be great.

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