Party themes for college students

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Party themes for college students

Partying can be even more entertaining when participants dress up or have a themed party. Nobody says the only time you have to dress up is on Halloween.

A college theme party brings a certain cool and fun vibe to any college mixer or gathering and enables students to show off their creativity and sense of humor.

Party themes for college students

Even a shy person can really come out of their shell during a costume party because they feel that they fit in to the environment. College Party Theme Ideas Graffiti Party - aka blacklight party This is where everyone brings a marker and wears white shirts and writes on each other. Some also use a highlighter and black light combination that makes all markings glow.

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Some parties will keep the normal lights on during most of the party while everyone writes on each other, then toward the end, flip on the black light to see what people wrote. It makes for some entertaining reads! Dress up as an icon from the 80s: Mardi Gras - Beads being tossed, shirts going up and liquor going down, this is always a wild one.

Luau - Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, grass skirts and drinks served out of coconuts. People love the Hawaiian vibe. This is a good party theme to throw in the spring, right before summer starts to get people in that summertime mood.

Foam Party - You just rent a foam machine and people walk around rooms that are covered in foam. People end up getting quite slippery, so you never know what will happen! This is one of the coolest parties you can throw, though you almost have to have a linoleum or hard floor.

A foam party is a guaranteed good time. Pimps and Hoes - A classic party theme and another party for girls to wear revealing outfits: Bonus if you bring in sand for this one. There have been stories of people throwing these kind of parties in houses about to be torn down.

What you do is bring in a bunch of sand to your place of party and crank the heat all the way up.

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This is a really cool party theme to do in the winter. Though it may be overplayed a bit, it can still be a kick every now and then. Party goers must show up in " Anything But Clothes ". Use your imagination here: Duct Tape, plastic bags, towel, cardboard box, etc.

Casino Night - Bring out the gambling addict and the party animal in everyone. White Trash Party - Now you have a reason to wear that torn up wife beater with holes in public. Pajama Party - Also goes by "kegs and eggs" - wear pajamas and stay up all night until you cook breakfast in the morning.

CEOs and Office hoes - A classy formal attire party with a little provocativeness involved. In a way, this is the white collar pimps and hoes party. Cops and Robbers - Pick partners and be handcuffed all night.

Either way, bandits will be making out tonight. Club - Girls will enjoy any type of club atmosphere where dancing is involved. Rags to Riches - You dress up in rags or riches and at first you sit outside and drink cheap beer.

Catholic School - Girls dress like Catholic school girls, plaid skirt and all, boys in shirts and ties. They each get a partner, one person is hall monitor and gives out detentions, one person is principal and you get sent to the office if you get detention.

If you get detention, punishment is to take whatever shot the principal gives you.IDEA Public Schools is the fastest-growing network of tuition-free, Pre-K public charter schools in the United States.

IDEA boasts national rankings on The Washington Post and U.S.

Party themes for college students

News & World Report’s top high schools lists, and is on track to maintain its legacy of sending % of its graduates to college.

Discover the best college party themes with our list of college theme party ideas. Includes: Alphabet, high school stereotype, and more. Top 10 Best College Theme Party Ideas. Need an idea for a college party theme? Look no further than our list of favorites. Author: Kaleigh - University of Western Ontario.

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A college theme party brings a certain cool and fun vibe to any college mixer or gathering and enables students to show off their creativity and sense of humor. There's a reason why some of the coolest college traditions involve wearing a costume.

Without further ado, heres our Top College Party Themes List and College Party Ideas that hopefully will get you started! We have compiled a list of college party themes that hopefully will help you either plan a party or figure out what you should be wearing to the party much more easy; perfect for frat and or sorority party themes too.

Over 94 Unique College Party Themes. Don't know where to start? Planning your next party will be easy after reading this list!

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