Ongc literature review

Hailing Chief Donor Shri Surajmal Jain, Philantrophist, Visionary, Educationist and Chairman of Acharya Sri Hasthi Aradhana Foundation ASHA a long time friend and well wisher, for his massive social service in the region, he underlined that his philanthropy, vision and persistence in doing good were instrumental in the inception of the new unit. It was a noble event, with noble people participating in it and noble messages filled the air quite naturally, eminent philanthropist and educationist Shri Surajmal Jain whose contribution of the premises for the institution was instrumental in its formation observed that if DrSS. Badrinath had any commercial motives there would be no Sankara Nethralaya today and his consent to start a unit in Tiruvannamalai came as a boon to the people of all the 6 taluks of the district. Guest of Honour Rajayogini B.

Ongc literature review

Nagapattinam Railway Station There are only a few major trains from Nagapattinam Chennai, Bangalore and Ernakulam and the Ernakulam one usually arrive on Platform 1 and coach positions are fixed.

Ongc literature review

In fact they have the coach positions marked on the railway station rather than the coach numbers! AC and non-AC retiring rooms are also available at the Nagapattinam station please refer to the photo belowVelankanni Trip from Ernakulam This time our Velankanni trip consisted of our entire family including my parents and my brother.

So in total we Ongc literature review a team of 9 including 3 children. We started around 8: We bought a couple of water bottles from the station it appears that the train has no pantry service.

Karaikal express started on time at We had booked first class FC and it offers privacy but no air conditioning. This is the perfect cost effective way to travel as a family if you are not very particular about air conditioning. I was fast asleep in the morning and suddenly my wife woke me up.

A guy in plain clothes was standing beside my birth and demanded ticket. He seemed very agitated and had a thick intimidating moustache.


I was still half asleep and took out my ticket and gave it to him. Then I realized he was part of a "squad" trying to find people without tickets.

I have rarely seen "squads" in Kerala trains. He even checked the age of the children travelling with us! I admire the sincerity with which he was doing his duty. He was agitated because he had a hard time moving all the ticketless and general ticket holders in the first class compartment! Our ticket was checked 3 times 2 times by TTEs and one time by the squad before we reached Nagapattinam.

We reached Thiruchirappalli Jn. The usual halt time is 10 minutes, but since engine position is reversed here, it might stop here for a while. We bought our breakfast from a vegetarian hotel Vasantha Bhavan I think. If you miss buying your breakfast, your next option is Thanjavur station.

The journey from Thiruchirappalli to Nagapattinam takes you through a lot of greenery including large paddy fields. The Velankanni passenger train was waiting on the third platform the scheduled departure time is When I looked back others were casually walking to the ticket counter.

This is one of the moments when "ignorance is bliss". The Velankanni train waited for almost 15 minutes and the driver ensured that all the pilgrims are on the train. The train was almost full, but since we were early we got a nice place to sit. Be ready to face an army of beggars on the train including the children trying to sell Velankanni souvenirs.

The relatively new Nagapattinam — Velankanni railway lines are damaged probably due to flooding and is undergoing repair and strengthening.

The train was going slow and it took over half an hour to cover under 12KM. The area you go through are the worst affected during the Tsunami in December The land areas here are at a very low height from sea level making it quite prone for flooding.

At Velankanni Church We reached Velankanni station around 12pm.13 CHAPTER - II REVIEW OF LITERATURE Introduction This study is concerned with the Quality of Work Life and Work Life Balance of ONGC .

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