Newspaper article last week on helath care research study

Myths about Canada, U. My son and his family are now covered by it in Vancouver. They overwhelmingly like their medical delivery system, which turned 50 just last month.

Newspaper article last week on helath care research study

Latest in Research Researchers at Johns Hopkins are constantly advancing science through basic, translational and clinical investigations. Here are highlights of our most current findings. Learn more Love Your Beauty Rest?

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The newly identified brain cells, located in a part of the hypothalamus called the zona incerta, they say, could offer novel drug targets to treat sleep disorders, such as insomnia and narcolepsy, caused by the dysfunction of sleep-regulating neurons.

Lean more Bones of the Past Spur Renewed Focus on Conservation Johns Hopkins paleontologist and her collaborative team of scientists report they have clear evidence that the arrival of humans and subsequent human activity throughout the islands of the Caribbean were likely the primary causes of the extinction of native mammal species there.

Newspaper article last week on helath care research study

The evidence, they say, highlights the need for urgent human intervention to protect the native mammal species still inhabiting the region. Now, a new study using brain scans of people with very early signs of memory decline suggests that lower serotonin transporters may drive the disease.

Learn more Faster Diagnosis of Inherited and Lethal Nerve Disease Could Advance Search for New Treatments People with the lethal, inherited disease transthyretin amyloidosis experience progressive pain, weakness and ultimately organ failure.

But many patients don't receive a diagnosis for several years after symptoms start. Johns Hopkins Researchers have found that the immune system of zebrafish controls and can actually accelerate their natural ability to regenerate their eyes.

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Learn more Scientists Hunt for New Drugs to Help Two Deadly Types of Childhood Cancer Laboratory studies suggest that an experimental drug already in early clinical trials for a variety of adult cancers might enhance radiation and chemotherapy for two childhood brain cancers that currently are virtually always fatal.

Learn more Researchers Find Handwritten Opioid Prescriptions Are More Prone to Mistakes In a small study of opioid prescriptions filled at a Johns Hopkins Medicine outpatient pharmacy, researchers found that handwritten orders for the drugs contribute heavily to a trio of prescribing and processing errors in contrast to those created electronically.Obamacare sign-ups on the federal health insurance marketplace fell by 20 percent in the first two weeks of this enrollment season compared to last year, according to new federal data.

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Suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents 15 to 19 years old.1 Pediatricians can help prevent adolescent suicide by knowing the symptoms of depression and other presuicidal behavior. This statement updates the previous statement2 by the American Academy of Pediatrics and assists the pediatrician in the identification and management of the adolescent at risk for suicide.

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