How men view women according to scott russell sanders

Writing from his own point of view, the author spends the majority of the essay comparing and contrasting the differing jobs of men and women, and then outlining the effects of those jobs on them. We will write a custom essay sample on The Men We Carry in Our Minds Summary or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The essay opens apart from the retelling of a debate the author had with a friend of his with a bleak portrayal of prisoners performing backbreaking work in the sweltering heat, with their bodies barely standing the crushing weight of the work.

How men view women according to scott russell sanders

Family of Andrew Jackson, Jr. Christian Koch and his Family — p. There is a West Pearl and also a Middle Pearl in Louisiana, but it is in that high terrace on the eastern side of East Pearl, in Mississippi, that merits historic study.

For fifty years it was the international boundary between European colonial powers. Here the British granted land to the officers and soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

Here, the Americans drew the boundary line separating the new Louisiana Purchase from Spanish territory. It was on this high land that slave traders of the early19th century found staging areas to import Africans into the New World, after Thomas Jefferson had prohibited this horrid commerce in the newly bought territory.

It bifurcates around an island at its mouth where the British camped on their way to being defeated by Gen. Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in Earlier, Iberville had named it Pea Island, because he lost a sack of peas there in The Pearl empties into the Mississippi Sound, protected from the open Gulf by a series of barrier islands with names like Ship and Cat, important to the early Canadian explorers under Iberville and his brother Bienville.

There is ample evidence along the east bank of the Pearl that Native Americans favored the place from earliest times. The land was there during the time of the Paleo-Indian big game hunters, but few artifacts from that period have been discovered.

At that time, the Gulf of Mexico was dozens of miles to the south of its currect location, and those earliest archaeological sites are likely under the waters.

There are numerous sites dating from the Archaic period, and particularly from the mound-building times called Poverty Point. As early as BC and continuing until historic tribes like the Pascagoula and Biloxi, Native Americans hunted, fished and navigated the Pearl River drainage, building earthworks and shell middens and leaving a great deal of evidence of their trading acumen and artisanship.

It was archaeology that brought us to the topic of this book. As we began this normally expeditious research, we began to encounter family names of national import, like Bienville, [1] Pintado, Jackson and Claiborne.

As we attempted the standard deed search, we came face-to-face with the reality of four different methods of land granting and recording: French, British, Spanish, and American. And, most fascinating, we discovered a treasure of primary documentation, mostly in the form of family letters.

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There is good reason that a reader may ask earnestly why a little populated area in the southwest corner of a sparsely populated state might command much attention.

That edge of Hancock County, Mississippi, which borders Louisiana at the mid-point of the Pearl River, is in many ways now nondescript, quiet and forlorn bereft of whatever culture evolved there over the ages. In truth, very little of what meets the eye is indicative of what came before.

With the exception of Pearlington, which is only a partial reflection of its former self, all the towns are gone. Even the former county seat, Gainesville, can be found only on old maps. Evidence of once thriving prehistoric cultures of indigenous peoples is familiar, by and large, only to the professional archaeologist.

The remains of what by some accounts was the largest sawmill in the world is a few large blocks of concrete, once foundation for nineteenth century mechanisms that even today would be considered imposing structures.

The people too are gone. Names that once commanded power or reflected wealth, like Claiborne, Pray, Weston and Favre, are known elsewhere today, but now exist along the Pearl only on tombstones in the Logtown and Napoleon cemeteries.

The erasure of these communities was occasioned in by the federal government's decision to locate the Stennis space facility in this area, requiring that all buildings within a large area be leveled. It is perhaps in the very nonexistence of these once vital communities wherein their fascination lies.

There is, after all, a certain element of finality to their being, in that, at least for the foreseeable future, they will not, nay cannot, be resurrected. Besides the physical evidence, including shell middens, overgrown streets, an occasional brick or other artifact, there is a wealth of written testimony to the history of the area.

There are also legal documents left by settlers over the years. The above notwithstanding, for purposes of this study, the most telling documents consist of two collections of letters, surviving from the Jackson and Koch families.

It is in reflecting on the stories told in these letters that one may see a purpose shared with the late British archaeologist Jacquetta Hawkes.

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She never lost sight of what was, for her, archaeology's ultimate goal — to understand what it is to be human. In an effort to improve the interpretation of historical archaeological sites located in southwestern Hancock County, Mississippi, we undertook what we believed was a simple deed search.

What we had not anticipated was the complexity of this enterprise, out of which arose the opportunity to tell of a much broader history of the area. In that process, several poignant stories have emerged, as well as historical accounts that have importance beyond the boundaries of the area.

The area under study is bounded on the west by the East Pearl River, which served for more than 50 years as an international boundary. France, Spain, Great Britain and the United States owned this territory as a result of gifts, wars, invasions, treaties and purchases.

Consequently, the land titles in Hancock County were purchased, traded, ignored, assigned, granted, and usurped. Further complicating the matter, each Nation granted land parcels in various sizes, using different land measures, surveying protocols, and methods of registering and confirming deeds.With both fires nearly fully-contained, the worst is finally over.

The Official Website of LSU's Athletics Department located in Baton Rouge, La., and founded in BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Feb 21,  · Best Answer: It depends on the woman he is looking at. If she is on stage and taking a bow than fasten your eyes on her.

How men view women according to scott russell sanders

If she is on stage and taking a bow than fasten your eyes on her. If she is hiding behind a book, take a sidelong Resolved. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

Sanders did a wonderful job writing this essay. As a young boy all he seen was the kind of men he grew up around and how "Easy" women had it. He thought men worked their butts off 7 days a week, twenty-four hours a day and women just did household jobs.

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