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Make a regular donation CSG economic modelling; On the alleged benefits of the Santos coal seam gas project in North West NSW Santos is planning to mine the coal seam gas reserves of North West New South Wales and, as elsewhere with coal seam gas projects, has encountered substantial local opposition. The Santos modelling contains a number of findings that should be of interest to both opponents and proponents of the mine alike, including: Similarly, the reader is left to wonder how an investment in coal seam gas creates new public sector jobs as the report's authors provide no discussion of this intriguing conclusion.

Group coal seam gas v0

Group coal seam gas v0

Photo by Peter Boyle. Farmers, environmentalists, irrigators, winemakers, horse breeders, the NSW opposition, and coal seam gas CSG campaigners have all been angered by the NSW Coalition government's new land use plans, which give the go-ahead to CSG and coalmining across the state.

Ryan Park, ALP MP for Keira, told the Illawarra Mercury the land use guidelines did not stop fracking in the northern Illawarra region after the current moratorium on the industry ends next month.

Removing the doublespeak, this is an industry green light. This mirrors the previous Labor government's infamous Part 3A planning laws, which allowed the government to override local opposition to anti-environment or unpopular development projects.

The government has not provided any criteria for the exceptional circumstances that would allow it to override an independent panel decision.

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) is primarily methane, trapped by water and ground pressure in the pores of underground coal seams. It is extracted from coal deposits that are too deep to mine economically in the traditional fashion. Steel-cased wells are drilled into the coal seams to release the gas. Where coal seams are deep and of. Jul 05,  · Australia's Conflicting Natural Gas Policies. including the Australian Industry Group, The remaining 1/3 of Australia’s production relies on coal seam gas from the East and the South. INEOS Upstream Limited has today signed an agreement with Reach Coal Seam Gas Limited (Reach CSG) to acquire an 80% interest in Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) , in the Midland Valley of Scotland.

Activists say the failure of the government to protect that state from CSG only reinforces the importance of the people-power campaign. Within the past month, community events opposing CSG have included a strong meeting in Lismore and a strong meeting in Oakdale after residents learnt of CSG exploration close by.

Hutton said on March 6: Getting the community to accept that the short-term profits for CSG companies are more important than our water, land, health and our future is very different indeed.Coalbed Methane & Fracking.

Tens of thousands of acres in the Black Warrior Basin are leased for drilling wells to access coal seams where the gas is trapped, creating a massive network of roads, well pads, and pipelines.

Hydraulic fracturing scheduled by Energen in Alabama attracts both profit potential and green-group ire.

Group coal seam gas v0

Insiders. GISERA research includes coal seam gas, shale, tight and conventional gas. [Music plays and CSIRO logo and text appears: GISERA, Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance] [Images move through of a group of buildings on the GISERA site, various shrubs and a ute and two caravans on the site and the camera pans around the site].

A Mathematical Model of Coal-gas Flow Conveying In the Process of Coal and Gas Outburst and Its Application Author links open overlay panel Sun Dongling a b .

Coal Seam Gas - What is CSG? (LPG is Not Coal Seam Gas)

Figure 20 Schematic representation of potential coal seam gas preferential pathways via leaky bores and faults. Preferential pathway (1) considers migration of methane into the water bore via corroded bore casing while pathway (2) considers gas flow through fractured/degraded bore seal (for details of.

Action groups such as 'Save Liverpool Plains' and 'Lock The Gate Alliance' have initiated lobbying and protest action. However, Santos has recently released a report entitled 'The economic impacts of developing coal seam gas operations in North West NSW' undertaken by the Allen Consulting Group (the Allen Report).

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