Bill clinton and whitewater monica lewinsky

News of the scandal first broke on January 17,on the Drudge Report[22] which reported that Newsweek editors were sitting on a story by investigative reporter Michael Isikoff exposing the affair. The story broke in the mainstream press on January 21 in The Washington Post. On January 26, President Clinton, standing with his wife, spoke at a White House press conference, and issued a forceful denial in which he said:

Bill clinton and whitewater monica lewinsky

August Fiske is replaced by the more conservative Kenneth Starr as the independent counsel investigating the Whitewater scandal. November Ms Lewinsky accepts a paid job at the White House office of legislative affairs and, two days later, sexual contact between Ms Lewinsky and President Clinton begins.

The affair continues, sporadically, for the next 18 months. May The first Whitewater trial ends with the conviction of the McDougals for fraud.

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A Senate hearing ends inconclusively a month later. February Kenneth Starr, the Independent Counsel investigating the Whitewater scandal, announces he will step down from the investigation. He then changes his mind and continues his investigations. Just days later the Supreme Court reject Mr Clinton's claim that as President he should have immunity from civil cases.

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This ruling allows the Paula Jones harassment case to proceed against him. August Linda Tripp is reported in Newsweek magazine as having seen White House staffer Kathleen Willey emerging from the Oval Office looking dishevelled but happy, and with her lipstick smeared. December 17, Ms Lewinsky is subpoenaed by lawyers for Paula Jones.

December 26, Ms Lewinsky leaves the Pentagon. January 5, President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky have what proves to be their last telephone conversation.

January 7, In a sworn affidavit, Monica Lewinsky denies having an affair with Mr Clinton, in an attempt to avoid testifying in the sexual harassment case brought by Paula Jones against President Clinton.

January 12, Tripp dismisses her lawyers, allegedly because they were "too close to the White House. January 17, President Clinton, testifying under oath to lawyers in the Jones harassment case, denies having had an affair with Ms Lewinsky. He reportedly acknowledges having had an affair with Gennifer Flowers, a charge he previously denied.

January 19, Monica Lewinsky's name and the rumours linking her with Clinton are published on the Drudge report internet site. Drudge reveals that Newsweek obtained tapes of the Lewinsky-Tripp conversations but pulled their publication after pressure from Starr, who insisted his investigation would be jeopardised.

January 21, The Washington Post reports Lewinsky's allegations. President Clinton denies the charges in vague terms.

Bill clinton and whitewater monica lewinsky

There is no improper relationship," he tells a TV interviewer. January 26, "I want you to listen to me. I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.

I never told a single person to lie, not a single time, never," an angry President Clinton declares to an invited media audience at the White House. January 29, President Clinton posts his highest ever opinion poll rating. Gallup for CNN find 67 per cent of Americans approve of the President up five per cent from his previous best ; just 28 per cent disapprove.

Ms Lewinsky is only believed by 13 per cent of Americans. March 13, Paula Jones' lawyers in the sexual harassment suit against Clinton publish much of their evidence, one of the many breaches of the judicial gagging order on this case.

March 15, Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer and key witness in the Jones harassment case, makes her first public comments about an alleged incident in when Mr Clinton is said to have fondled her against her will. April 1, The Paula Jones harassment case against the President is dismissed by the judge before it goes to trial.

June 2, The possibility of a new immunity deal being struck between Ms Lewinsky and Prosecutor Starr is raised as Lewinsky's main lawyer, William Ginsburg is replaced by two well-known Washington criminal defence lawyers, Jacob Stein and Plato Cacheris. Both cleared former White House employees of corruption in the s.

June 30, Ms Tripp begins giving evidence to the Washington grand jury investigating President Clinton's alleged cover-up of the affair. Polls show that only one in 10 Americans view her sympathetically. July 28, Ms Lewinsky's lawyers announce that an immunity deal has been struck with independent counsel Starr.

She is questioned by the grand jury over the next 15 days. July 29, President Clinton decides to testify voluntarily before the prosecutor over the allegations that he committed perjury in covering up a sexual affair with Ms Lewinsky.Film Description.

Clinton tells the story of a president who rose from a broken childhood in Arkansas to become one of the most successful politicians in modern American history and one of the.

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The Clinton–Lewinsky scandal was an American political sex scandal that involved year-old President Bill Clinton and year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The sexual relationship took place between and and came to light in The Natural: The Misunderstood Presidency of Bill Clinton [Joe Klein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Joe Klein, best-selling author of Primary Colors and one of . Who Is Bill Clinton? William Jefferson Clinton, better known as Bill Clinton (born August 19, ) was the 42nd president of the United States, serving from to The Whitewater Development Corp is dissolved, leaving Bill and Hillary Clinton with a loss of more than $40, Attorney General Janet Reno appoints Robert Fiske Jr.

Bill clinton and whitewater monica lewinsky

as the independent counsel in. Feb 16,  · Monica Lewinsky, now twenty- five years old, whose sexual affair with Clinton during her stint as a White House intern had somehow entwined itself with the Paula Jones case and with Ken Starr's.

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