Beowulf vs 21st century heros essay

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Beowulf vs 21st century heros essay

They have to go through several trials and tribulations to succeed in many aspects of their journeys and, at times, some of the heroes succumb to the tests laid out before them. The different monsters faced by Beowulf shaped him into the hero he became.

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Initially, Beowulf went up against Grendel, sporting a relatively arrogant air about him. To all other Geats within Heorot, Grendel was a terrifying, invincible monster.

Regardless of that fact and despite all of the horrible stories told, Beowulf walked into the great hall with complete confidence in himself. His egotistical personality was shining at this point during the tale.

This act made Beowulf seem inhuman and somewhat godlike.

Beowulf vs 21st century heros essay

Though avid literary fans enjoy stories of gods and invincibility, a display of human-like qualities is necessary to fully please readers or viewers. Beowulf demonstrates very few human-like qualities in this portion of the story.

He tells Geats to fight and not to mourn Heaney ; at this point in the story, it is clear that Beowulf is aware of the fact that he may not survive the fight. Following an immense amount of effort, Beowulf succeeded in slaying the monster he was, at first, anxious about defeating.

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By having trouble within the battle, literary adorers of the 21st century are able to finally relate to Beowulf as a human. A level of respect can be gained for him when he, though afraid and unsure, treks through the watery unknown to destroy the dangerous and unfamiliar.

Readers also enjoy compassion; Beowulf clearly cared greatly for his Danes. This is shown when he asks Hrothgar to distribute his riches and possessions to everyone, should he be killed in battle.

He seemed almost divine. Due to the variety of monsters faced by Beowulf, he has become one of the most popular heroes of literary history and has been for hundreds of years.A Comparison Between the World of Beowulf and Modern America.

Despite numerous cultural and technological advancements, life in modern America continues to bear resemblance to the Anglo-Saxon attheheels.comgh it may take time and some loss of pride to admit it, since characteristics of human nature have stayed the same, from work place to personal relationships, the similarities between the two.

A Beowulf for the 21st Century “The heroes we choose focus our common sense of what is most important in life, shaping our feel for which battles we should fight . You have requested to download the following binder: Username: Binder Name: Email for download link: Upgrade Today!

Keep your uploaded documents completely private by. Audra Shanks EH QL Essay 1-Beowulf Beowulf is an old English poem of heroism, and is noted as the most important piece of literature of that time period. The poem itself consists of over lines and was composed around the seventh century.

Beowulf vs. Grendel. shows that both Beowulf and Grendel have the same settings. It was written in ’s, and is set in the fourth century A.

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