An analysis of colonial rule in the development of sub sahara africa

Leaders of the mass-based nationalist parties that brought their countries to independence charted the first visions of postcolonial politics, centering upon rapid, egalitarian, state-led political development. These generally dissolved amid political disarray with their objectives largely unrealized. This trend has continued in varied and changing forms into the 21st century. The rapidly and profoundly changing contours of lateth and earlyst-century world politics and the global economy have intertwined, at least until recently, with predominant weakness and political decay in African politics as well as endemic economic underdevelopment.

An analysis of colonial rule in the development of sub sahara africa

In addition, Germany obtained territories in the Pacific, such as German New Guinea and Samoa, as well as some smaller islands, and with the status of a concession territory, Kiautschou Jiaozhou in China.

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From the beginning, African men and women resisted the wrongful annexation of their territories, which led to several violent colonial wars. The German-Herero war led to the first genocide of the 20th century.

The German colonial empire ended after its defeat in the war and the Treaty of Versailles on 10 January Following the official end of German colonialism, a revanchist movement in the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany began to try and claim the former territories, and colonial literature, films, and science blossomed.

General Overviews There are a number of excellent overviews that focus on different aspects of German colonialism. Speitkamp is a condensed, easily readable general introduction, whereas Conrad is based on an up-to-date transnational history approach.

Stoecker represents the former GDR school of studying German imperialism.


Steinmetz presents a comparative study of three German colonies, and Ames, et al. University of Nebraska Press, The interdisciplinary volume includes essays in the fields of musicology, religious studies, film, and tourism studies as well as literary analysis and history.

An analysis of colonial rule in the development of sub sahara africa

Cambridge University Press, It includes excellent illustrations and maps as well as an annotated critical bibliography. Bismarck, Europe and Africa: Oxford University Press, A comprehensive account of the Berlin Africa Conference of and and a study of the motives behind the partitioning of Africa.

It includes essays on the different negotiators, economic interests, as well as missionary aspirations. The Rulers of German Africa, — Stanford University Press, Although a little outdated in its approach, this study is still worthwhile reading.

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University of Chicago Press, German Imperialism in Africa: Deutscher Imperialismus im  · the paper was compare the current Internet trends and experience in Ghana, a West African country, by the end of the year ending there were % higher than % average of Sub-Sahara Africa(ITU, b).

Internet is used extensively in Ghana for so many purposes; in education, was the first black African country to obtain Muslim Education in Sub-Saharan Africa Melina Platas Izama [email protected] March 21, Abstract education1 during colonial rule, Methodologically, I employ the nested analysis as discussed by Lieberman (), using 5.

colonial institutions and current development to ‘indirect rule’, in which colonial rule depended on pre-colonial African regimes.


However, the structure and practice of in-. · The article focuses on colonial Angola, briefly connects this analysis with an outline of Angola’s post-colonial period, and concludes with implications for understanding pessimism, patronage Will the largest dam in Africa ever be completed?

The multi-billion dollar project has been dogged by disputes and delays. The Grand Renaissance Dam being built by Ethiopia along the Nile is slated to be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa upon its completion.

An analysis of colonial rule in the development of sub sahara africa

· SUNFLOWER PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING Page 1 REGIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT importance during the German colonial rule (s) when it was one of the major sub-Saharan Africa to attain the Millenium Development Goals by through a /

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