Advantages of working in a team essay

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this situation? Sample essay Technology has changed the way we work.

Advantages of working in a team essay

It seems like there's a lot of public interest in what it's like to work at Microsoft. Here's my personal persepctive on the goodthe bad. And I'm still a little surprised to be here. I've never despised Microsoft like so many people seem to do — it's just that Microsoft products weren't a part of Advantages of working in a team essay world.

Although I had five other offers, Microsoft made the best impression.

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And so, here I am. In that time, I've worked for three teams in two divisions, and had six or seven different managers. Four products I've worked on have shipped, two more are in beta, and I've also "consulted" for many other teams across the company, thereby influencing directly and indirectly a large number of Microsoft's products.

Between my experience and my wife's, I think I've gotten a pretty solid feel for what it's like to work in a product group at Microsoft. Everyone at Microsoft "gets" software — the managers, the administrative assistants, the vice presidents Even many of the "blue collar" workers cooks, janitors, bus drivers know something about software — it's not normal!

At NASA, most managers and even some scientists had no real understanding of software or software development. Elevating the common denominator in this way makes Microsoft a wonderful workplace for people who love making software even if it's far removed from the reality of "the real world", which can cause other problems, like overinflating the importance of software.

Unreality As a parent, I've come to understand that there's a wide gray area between overprotecting your children and creating a nuturing environment in which they can develop. I think Microsoft struggles with a similar problem with its employees.

Microsoft provides its employees with a nuturing environment in which they can be most productive. But like children, these employees also need to be grounded in reality and exposed to ideas that can be disruptive or even disturbing.

Otherwise a sheltered monoculture can develop that's unhealthy for everyone involved. It's hard for people who don't work at Microsoft's main campus to understand just how unreal the experience of working there can become.

Some employees forget that most of the world doesn't have broadband wireless networking, high-end consumer electronics, luxury vehicles, and enough money that they don't need to live on a budget.

Personal Freedom One thing that's worth losing touch with is the strict work environment. Microsoft gives software developers a lot of personal freedom over both the work and the work environment. I order my own supplies, customize my office as I see fit, schedule my own trips and meetings, and select my own training courses.

I choose when I show up for work and when I leave, and what to wear while I'm there. I can eat on campus or off, reheat something from home in the kitchen or scavenge leftovers from meetings.

I can even work remotely from home within reason. For the most part, I determine what I work on and when I will get it done. There are exceptions — tasks others ask you to do for them, external deadlines or dependencies — but these goals are set cooperatively with your management and coworkers, taking into account your interests and abilities.

I have total control over my choice of development tools. Of course, there are advantages to matching the "official" build environment, and in a team environment there are also advantages to sharing tools and processes across the team.

But ultimately the choice is mine: Except for semi-annual reviews, there's almost no paperwork for a software developer at Microsoft. There are no timecards to fill out, no requisition forms, no authorizations or permission slips.

Advantages of working in a team essay

Having so much individual freedom can lead to problems. It's well-publicized that Microsoft has historically exercised too little review over purchasing decisions. Also, the freedoms I've described can vary from one work group to the next; for example, one friend's manager gave him a very hard time over the unusual hours he worked even trying to fire him for it.

But thieves and jerks exist everywhere; they're just taking unfair advantage of the great personal freedoms the rest of us cherish. I think Microsoft provides a great example to other corporations of what a productive work environment can be like. Company Leadership Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer get most of the press, but it's an open secret that all of the division heads and their staff, and their staff are top-notch.

I'm happily oblivious to how that circle operates, so I can only judge them on their results. Given that Microsoft's been convicted of monopolistic practices, it may shock you when I say that Microsoft's upper management strikes me as very ethical.

They talk about ethical behavior all the time, and as far as I've seen, lead by example. Maybe I'm being naive, but I find Microsoft's upper management to be very trustworthy.

They're also thinking very far ahead, and doing a good job getting the information they need to make solid decisions.% ORIGINAL WORK Original pieces of writing.

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