Addis ababa university electronic theses dissertations

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Addis ababa university electronic theses dissertations

Potential users were left with fragmented sources of varying quality. The WG set up goals and started systematic work to prepare conditions to establish a national register. The situation significantly changed after when the Higher Education Act, as amended, provided for an obligation to make ETDs accessible for the public.

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Last year two projects on digital repositories were introduced in the Czech Republic - The National Register of Thesis with plagiarism detection system and The Digital Library for Grey Literature The poster presents preparation and functions of both repositories and it aims, standards and the metadata used.

The WG needed to set the metadata used nationwide, allowing publishing in the international repositories. The standard prepared as a working paper instarted to be widespread at Czech universities and significantly contributed to harvest the ETDs retrospectively.

All the three standards are to be used to describe the Czech grey literature in the Digital Library. The poster offers the best practices for similar consortium projects, problems and their solutions learned in collaboration on the national level, by preparing licences, workflows and standards used nationwide in the Czech Republic.

The curriculum design and priorities for promotion of information literacy are to be set for patient care and research. Data was collected by using the pre tested Questionnaire from the resident doctors of the institute.

Analysis of the data was done by using the SPSS computer software. A sample of respondents comprising of 96 senior residents and junior residents using information technology services in the library was taken in the study.

It was found from the total respondents that, About two third i. Information Literacy can be included in the curricula at various levels of medical education in the form of networks, e-resources, e-journals consortia, medical databases and internet resources, etc. Recently published literature reveals bias against research papers from LDC by major international journals.

Globalization demands global health. The lack of awareness of health issues of LDC is a challenge in achieving global health. LDC lack funds and facilities for research. Researchers lack writing and research skills, are compensated poorly and burdened with additional responsibilities.

Brain drain and language barriers further contribute to this dilemma.

Addis ababa university electronic theses dissertations

Based on their proven research capacity, output and global recognition, academic and research institutions receive funds, attract students and researchers.

To encourage this process, researchers are rewarded with promotions when they publish in high impact journals. In effect, local journals with limited circulation are left with papers that are rejected by more recognized journals, leaving little space for improving the quality of their content.

Addis ababa university electronic theses dissertations

Open Access OA provides a means of reducing the impact of these barriers. OA facilitates accessing and communicating information beyond journal subscriptions. Although LDC can benefit from tools freely available for OA to improve research communication, these benefits are not fully realized.

However, sharing expert knowledge, guidance, and technical support and mentorship programs can strengthen the capacity of LDC to utilize free resources.

Ultimately, this will result in reduction of the research information barriers in these areas for LDC. A lot of progress took place ever since the project inception especially with reference to project marketing, governance and navigation of the database by university community and the world-wide communities.

Much as the project was established immediately after the national visit of Virginia polytechnic Professor, the University of the Western Cape unlike other universities in the country, it developed its own in-house software that shares similar specifications with NDLTD software.

Currently the Library has over than Electronic Thesis and Dissertations on the catalogue with navigation exploited by researchers and scholars from more than 15 countries a day with about 10 downloading a month.

To evaluate the database performance each ETD title has a built-in counter to determine records usage statistics. The poster session will outline the ETD workflow of the University of the Western Cape with special reference to governance issues policies, copyrightrecord uploadingnavigation options and portal maintenance.

A brief outline of the ETD project in South Africa with issues such as software in use, funding, national trainings, and project alignment to institutional repositories will be discussed. In conclusion as the project is facilitated through the Library but hosted in the university computer centre it is of utmost importance for the library to have guaranteed assurance of database back-up in case of emergencies.

The poster will therefore give acciount hts on how this matter could be handled by use of service level agreements between two departments namely library and computer services. The foundation of the University was laid on November 11, The University was upgraded, restructured and reconstituted by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in March Currently with nine 9 faculties and six 6 autonomous academies, institutes and centers, the University is conducting around ninety 90 academic programs with an enrollment of over 17, students that includes around female students.

In addition around 2, are enrolled in the Iqra Technical Centre, a constituent unit of the University.Addis Ababa University Libraries, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia Description: This site provides access to the theses and dissertation output of the institution.

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Addis Ababa Institute of Technology Libraries. The AAiT Library Development History.

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The AAiT (Formerly the College of Engineering) was established in by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia, and was housed in a set of building in the compound of Technical School of Addis Ababa. The only exception is the Addis Ababa University Libraries Electronic Thesis and Dissertations Database.

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia Addis Ababa University (AAU) is one of the pioneer institutions of the Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD) project. Open Access Repository of the Armenian Electronic Theses and Dissertations Harvests theses and dissertations from virtually all registered open-access repositories.

of doctoral dissertations conferred by Japanese Universities and the National Institute for Academic Degrees and University .

addis ababa university libraries electronic theses and dissertations aau-etd