A level philosophy essay help

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A level philosophy essay help

A2 Essay Advice There are many ways to write a good essay. Different questions require you to adapt your style to suit the demands of that question. You should think about what structure suits the question that you are answering.

The aim of an essay: You should present different views, use examples, evaluate the evidence all so that you can convince your reader that your point of view is correct. You need to write persuasively!

Alternatively, you could think of it as a court case in which you are presenting evidence and calling witnesses to try and convince the jury. Your introduction is your first chance to impress the examiner and first impressions count!

However an extended biography of the theologian whose views are mentioned is not useful. If their background is important in understanding their theology then it should be explained properly in a paragraph of its own, The introduction should be fairly short.

Set up the terms of the debate: What this means is give a very brief i.

You could set up the terms of the debate as follows: Feminist theologians like Rosemary Radford Ruether support female ordination whilst Pope John Paul II rejected it and said that his decision was binding.

You could improve this further by giving an indication of the reasons why they have different opinions.

A level philosophy essay help

Try to identify the crux of the debate. The issue hinges upon different interpretations of key Biblical passages and debates about the significance of the maleness of Jesus and the disciples.


State your line of argument: Your ultimate aim is to present a convincing case so it makes sense to make your intentions clear at the outset. All you need do is confidently state your argument as fact.

If we stick with our sample question above we could state our line of argument as follows: The biblical evidence for women priests is ambiguous, however there are a number of other convincing reasons why women should be entitled to have leadership in the church.

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Note that I have not given any of these reasons yet but I have made it clear which way I will be arguing. I could, potentially have signposted my essay more clearly and listed the issues that I will address.

For example, I could also have written. There are three very convincing arguments for women priests; the right to equal opportunities, the importance of remaining relevant and the evidence for women in significant roles in the Early Church.

If I chose to state my line of argument this way then I almost have a mini essay plan in my introduction. If we put together what we have so far with a couple of other sentences we get the following introduction: A signpost points the way to go.

Signposting your essay means using sentences that make it clear where your essay is going.

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A topic sentence introduces a paragraph and makes it clear what that paragraph will be about. One of the main arguments against women priest is based on the fact that Jesus only chose male disciples.In our blog, you can find general and specific writing tips on how to deal with academic papers.

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